What’s For Dinner – April 26th

One of my favorite weekend activities is curling up on the couch with a few cookbooks, a pen, and my Erin Condren planner and thinking out my meals for the week. Sometimes I take time to make it pretty, other times it’s a random note on my phone.

I’ve been meal planning like this since college. When I moved off-campus I had a grocery budget of $50 a week and planning helped me shop more efficiently and waste less food.

Now, whether or not this planning occurs is an indicator of how together (and healthy) the week to come will be. For some reason the mental energy of deciding what to have to dinner after a long day at work is often too much for my brain. Planning saves us from eating Panda Express & Mac & Cheese 2-3 nights per week.

I thought it could be fun to show y’all my plan for the week as well what actually occurred (sometimes vastly different). I’ll include recipe links anywhere I can. Hopefully this can be helpful to ya’ll – or if not at least an intriguing, yet frightening, peak into my type A brain.



Meal Plan (& Reality) April 19th – 25th

Plan: Crab Cakes & Arugula Salad
Reality: Crab Cakes & Arugula Salad!

Plan: Dancing Chicken (recipe coming soon!)
Reality: Dancing Chicken

Plan: A & E (recipe coming soon!)
Reality: A & E – LOOK AT ME I AM ON A ROLLL!!

Plan: Salsa Chicken
Reality: Hamburgers, Brussel Sprout Salad from Magnolia Table Volume 1 (which was DELICIOUS), and left-over potato salad.

Plan: Hamburgers
Reality: Oops we made the hamburgers yesterday and I was really tired. God bless Gio who made us Kale Salads!

Plan: Pizza Pizza!
Reality: Salsa Chicken in honor of my Le Creuset coming in the mail.

Plan: Ground Turkey – something
Reality: Gio and I had a socially distanced happy hour with some neighbors at 5 and I got a little too tipsy to cook. We ate left-over Salsa Chicken and cookies while watching Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. It was an excellent evening.

Lemon Curd from Heart of a Baker
– Oatmeal Cookies
– Sourdough Bread (still in process – fingers crossed it turns out!)

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